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Tasigna® Lawsuit.

Can Tasigna® Work?

MDL-type lawsuits allow you to select who will represent you and what will happen with your case.

Nor did Novartis properly warn of the arteriosclerosis -related risks on the United States Tasigna label,” the complaint alleges.

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Tasigna® is a type of drug called a protein tyrosine kinase inhibitor.

Onder Law\’s Tasigna Lawyers are handling cases against the maker of Tasigna not because Tasigna caused atherosclerosis, but because the drug\’s maker knew that it could lead to atherosclerosis and lead to even graver health complications, such as amputation of the legs, and then not only chose to not disclose that threat to American Tasigna users, but then engaged in illegal activity so that more Americans would use Tasigna.

A 2015 lawsuit initiated by the U.S. Department of Justice against the firm led to them paying over $390 million for failing to disclose serious side effects.

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Most people with a claim from Virginia will be better off with a firm that has the tools and medical apparatus MDL experience to combat a multi-billion buck.


In fact, recently, a lawsuit was filed against Novartis following a California patient died from an atherosclerosis-related condition.

In case you or a loved one suffered one of those side effects after receiving treatment contact us.

Texas Tasigna Lawyer.

At that moment, an FDA Tasigna atherosclerosis warning has been added to the packaging information of the drug \.

The Tasigna warning stated that instances of atherosclerosis and resulting complications had been detected in clinical trials and through reporting.

Rather, lawyers are filing Tasigna lawsuits against Novartis.

The American public has never been warned of Tasigna atherosclerosis.

A report is first published by researchers from the University of Vienna in the American Journal of Hematology noting that patients undergoing therapy with Tasigna quickly developed peripheral arterial disease.

Atherosclerosis Peripheral Arterial Disease Coronary Artery Disease Tissue Death.

Our Tasigna lawyers have seen drug recalls’ aftereffects.

How Tasigna Works.

Canadian physicians were advised to track their Tasigna patients for signs of the life threatening artery disease.

Risks include: Health Canada has urged anyone with elevated blood glucose, heart problems, high cholesterol or high blood pressure to notify their health care provider since they may be more at risk of atherosclerosis and PAD.

} A California man who died from an condition allegedly caused by the leukemia drug Tasigna has sued Novartis AG, asserting the manufacturer’s family failed to warn physicians and patients in america about side effects linked to the drug.

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In case you or a loved one was diagnosed with atherosclerosis or artery disease, you should contact our lawyers instantly.

Proof has increased substantially since then.

Novartis incentivize their efforts to intensify to market Exjade refills, Novartis devised a scheme under which it spent more individual referrals and gave higher rebates.

We fight for your rights and will stand up to the maker.

What is Tasigna?

Court filings show Novartis warned of atherosclerosis risks in Canada but not in the U.S. Case No. 16-393 – Lauris et al.. V. Novartis AG et al.. Novartis agrees to pay $ 390 million and acknowledge wrongdoing to settle charges that it paid illegal kickbacks for boosting its medication Tasigna one of Medicaid and Medicare patients.

Wrongful Death Claim Links Arterial Disease to Tasigna.

The FDA in 2010, approved Tasigna, a product of the pharmaceutical company Novartis.

An article published in the journal Blood, researchers suggest that the clinical outcomes of 34 patients indicate an increased percentage of patients suffering from arterial occlusive disease compared with control groups that are matched.

” American Journal of Hematology, vol.

In April 2014, Novartis was cited by Japan for failing to report atherosclerosis as a side effect of Tasigna after artery disease was developed by 33 patients in a study of 3,000 patients.

7, 2014, pp. 1197–1203.

Novartis Fails to Warn About Tasigna Atherosclerosis | 9/22/2017.

Up to now, Novartis has refused to settle any civilian lawsuits over failing to warn Americans.

Atherosclerosis can lead to other diseases, such as: Likewise, studies have suggested other tyrosine kinase inhibitors and a link between Tasigna and events.

The problem is known as peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and impedes the normal and essential flow of blood through the blood vessels.

Tasigna problems may lead to cardiovascular difficulties, infections, limb amputation, and death.