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} However, exposure to Tasigna had already taken its toll on Lauris’ arteries.

In May 2013, researchers at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Nebraska publish another report describing the onset of atherosclerosis that led to a patient suffering a stroke.

Can a loved one or you suffer  death, artery disease, amputation, stroke and atherosclerosis after or while using the drug Tasigna?

Manufacturers of Tasigna Leukemia Drug Lawsuit | 6/9/2017.

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talcum powder lawsuit Holtsville NY
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Every case is different and must be judged on its own merits.

Tasigna drug is known to have severe side effects as deadly as the disease. . .

His family alleges Novartis knew because of its warnings in Canada about the side effects of its cancer drug.

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The conditions are severe and it is not unusual for patients to die because of complications from atherosclerosis.

Do I have a Tasigna Lawsuit?

Leading up to its Gleevec patent’s expiration, Novartis started marketing Tasigna as a treatment that was superior to Gleevec, even putting on the Tasigna label it had been indicated for patients that seemed nonresponsive to imatinib or resistant to remedies.

The business kept both physicians and patients in the dark, by failing to warn of the danger of Tasigna atherosclerosis.

Novartis is a corporation that manufactures prescription medications, including a Tasigna competitor named Gleevec.

The best way to find out the correct statute of limitations in your situation is to work with an experienced Tasigna lawyer.

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The suit says that Lauris wrongly believed that the symptoms were the result of muscle cramping unrelated to treatment or his CML for the disease.

Research institutes, government health agencies and patients around the world warn of the connection between vascular disease and Tasigna. . .

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Novartis AG makers of Tasigna Failed to Warn Public of the Dangerous Side Effects | 7/14/2017.

Lawsuits allege that, though physicians and patients were warned in Canada, the manufacturer failed to disclose risks to patients and doctors in america.

Who Can File a Tasigna Atherosclerosis Lawsuit?

It is alleged that Novaritis was aware of these serious risks for Tasigna induced atherosclerosis because 2011, however no warning was given to patients or doctors in the United States.

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Dennis Lauris, the guy, alleges that Novartis didn’t warn patients and has known about the risk of atherosclerosis since 2011.

Tasigna marketed and is manufactured by the billion dollar corporation Novartis.

Tasigna Atherosclerosis Information.

Choosing the right lawyer for your case is as important as the details of the situation itself.

Rapid onset atherosclerosis from Tasigna may result in the need for limb amputation and tissue death, as well as other cardiovascular problems, peripheral vascular disease, and death.

But also in 2013, Novartis issued a Tasigna atherosclerosis warning in conjunction.

So, the individuals who have confronted this problem because of the medications are allowed to file a case against this business with the assistance of a Tasigna attorney.

Symptoms of Atherosclerosis.

Furthermore, Lauris is not.

There grows A plaque, the existence of that narrows the arterial passages.

Thousands of Americans may be able to file an individual lawsuit against Novartis, maker of the deadly drug Tasigna. . .

Tasigna is a product of Novartis AG Pharmaceutical, a pharmaceutical company based out of Switzerland.

“Tyrosine kinase inhibitor associated vascular toxicity in chronic myeloid leukemia.

It’s not fair, but it is up to those who Novartis has harmed to make sure Tasigna can not hurt anyone else.

“California Wrongful Death Suit Links Arterial Disease to Novartis Cancer Drug.

National Tasigna Lawyers Provide Information About Tasigna Circulatory Problems Claims.

“Novartis’s failure to warn United States doctors and patients of the severe risks of developing atherosclerosis-related conditions associated with Tasigna was intentional, and part of an aggressive marketing strategy to sell Tasigna over competing TKI drugs.

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